Instant Coconut Beverages Benefits

Our MEDETOP Instant Coconut Beverage is a premixed coconut cream powder. It is a creamy and versatile healthy beverage, an alternative to dairy milk.

MEDETOP Instant Coconut Beverage is pure, full of nutrients, good taste and healthy for all ages. It can be served as hot drinks during cold day or cold drink during hot days.

It is also bring fresh and pleasant aroma with unique creamy and milk taste when with with coffee, oatmeal and milk tea. It is also ideal for making coconut smoothies and other desserts.

 Product details
1. Instant Coconut Beverages - Original Flavour 
    15gm x 6 sachets per box
2. Instant Coconut Beverages - Tea Flavour
    25gm x 6 sachets per box
3. Instant Coconut Beverages - Coffee Flavour
    25gm x 6 sachets per box

Instant Coconut Beverage (Original, Tea, Coffee)

General usages :

Hot drink

Cold drink

Bubble tea


Ice Cream



Instant Coconut Beverage (Original)

Special usages :


Sago smoothies

ABC Cendol

Bubur Cha Cha

Nasi Lemak



Why MEDETOP Instant Coconut Beverage is healthy beverage compare to others?

MEDETOP Instant Coconut Beverage:
1. Rich in Lauric Acid, other MCT's and natural mineral which are good for body health such as:

- Help body lose weight

- Boost body energy

- Improve digestive and ease constipation

Made from NATURAL and FRESH coconut cream compare to other creamers which commonly packed with unhealthy ingredients such as hydronegated oil (Trans Fat), sugar and other artificial additive which is harmful to your body health.

Trans Fat Free, Cholesterol Free, Gluten Free, No Artificial Flavor and No Preservative.

MEDETOP Products Introduction

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