Virgin Coconut Oil Benefits

virgin coconut oil

The Coconut Oil has been recognised as health oil in the past 4,000 years. Today, modern research has also found the natural nutrimental value in the coconut oil which brings many health benefits.

Our MEDETOP VCO was being extracted in a very unique precess technique - "COLD PRESS" in order to maintain the unique properties and goodness of coconut oil. Our ideal is always wanted to delivery out product to you in form of "NATURAL" and hope that you can enjoy and benefit from "The Wonder of Natures".

Why Choose MEDETOP Virgin Coconut Oil?

Processing Method

Cold Pressed (No Heat Treatment)

No Refining, No Bleaching and Non-Hydrogenated
All Natural

100% Pure natural coconut oil produces from fresh coconut

Gluten Free, Dairy-Free and Vegan Suitable

Cholesterol and Transfat Free
High Value in

Medium Chain Triglycirides

Lauric Acid

Antioxidant Properties

Anti-bacteria, Anti-viral, and Anti Microbial Properties

MEDETOP Virgin Coconut Oil Suitable For:

Nursing Mother and Baby

Helps in Weight Management

Helps in Immune System

Expedite Delivery of Baby

Become Energy Booster

Helps In Digestive System

Helps To Regulate Diabetes

Helps To Improve Memory

Helps To Improve Alzheimer

Promote Healthy Heart

Helps in Osteoporosis

Helps in Anti-Aging

Helps in Skin Care

Helps in Hair Care

Helps in Oral Care

MEDETOP Products Introduction

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